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There are well-documented estimates that a large number of children experience significant mental health problems. Approximately 20% of children have, or have had, a diagnosable mental health disorder within the past six months.

Among the most common disorders are affective disorders (anxiety and depression) and disruptive behavior disorders (attention deficit disorders and oppositional defiant disorders). In addition, most disorders co-occur with each other; for example, it is not uncommon for children with attention-deficit disorder to have a learning disability, and to develop oppositional defiant disorder and depression.

To make matters work, studies have found that there is usually a lag of several years between the time a child is identified as having a problem, and when parents seek help. This results in the disordered behavior and mental health problems becoming firmly entrenched and more resistant to intervention.

Mental health and behavioral problems rarely improve on their own, and your child depends upon you to get them the help that they need. Call us now at 925-777-9540 or e-mail at for more information and an appointment.

We encourage you to visit our webpages on common childhood disorders for more information.

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